All About WildsauSEO

Why I still persist with my clean SEO strategy?

It is primarily terribly easy – I feel within the long run and that I relish it. I have been building a website for simply over a year that I solely fill with content and don’t actively link building. Sensible rankings have set in no time and since I even have tried plenty back and forth on the location, that area unit continuously crashed once more. I used to be notably full of a subject within which I used to be additionally quite merely excellent rankings and additionally quite tight financial gain scored – then again smudgy off the keywords quickly – solely concerning one to two pages, save for two to three when I Mistake, instead of fix, have any developed. I simply needed to induce back to my recent position quickly – that was last November. Since the start of this year, I even have tried to undo the error and with terribly slow steps it’s currently back to the front – extremely slow, terribly slowly. Page one is already reached with some keywords once more, with the opposite facet two – so nine months later – as I aforesaid sear slowly. I needed an excessive amount of quickly and was penalized … that is what I had learned from that point, and from then on, I additionally paid shut attention to implementing my strategy seamlessly – although it appeared hopeless.

What is there to win at the SEO DAY Contest?

Just being there just one occasion once more is cool enough, when I had unbroken myself fully out of a previous couple of years.

But for those that area unit at the highest, there also are prizes to clear:

Google position one for WildsauSEO;

  • An iPhone
  • A three-month Sistrix license incl. Training day

(Which is cool if you are doing not have Sistrix access)

  • The price ticket for the SEO-DAY 2020 (whoop whoop)
  • Also a price ticket for the ExpertDay 2019

And a no mandatory speaker slot at the SEO-DAY 2020. (Whoop whoop whoop, the no mandatory speaker slot i will offer you then ;-))

Price for Google Position 2:

  • An SEO DAY 2020 price ticket (whoop whoop)
  • Also a 6-month license for Shopdoc

Price for Google Position 3:

  • a price ticket to SEO DAY 2020 (I already aforesaid whoop whoop?)

Price for Google Position 4:

  • A knife set FOR the proper WildsauSEO roast

What rules area unit there for the SEO Contest?

The only rule: There aren’t any rules. Therefore jilting of the WildsauSEO!

What happens now?

There is a unit still a couple of weeks left (now simply wherever I write this post we’ve got the q6.09.2019) till the SEO Day in Cologne the start of November takes place. However, I don’t expect too several ranking changes within the WildsauSEO contest till then. Everything is pretty stable immediately and whoever got the trust of Google to be at the highest doesn’t do that quickly either.

In any case, I will extremely advocate SEO Day 2019 within the Cologne athletic facility. I used to be there last year and with the exception of the actual fact that it’s an excellent location (and I say that as a Hansa metropolis fan), there area unit many actually attention-grabbing slots with well-known speakers.