Best Greek islands and destinations

Here is our rundown with the best Greek islands. This late spring don’t pass up on the opportunity to find these sky on earth. As every single Greek island have various scenes and styles, all guests will discover something extraordinary as per their inclinations. Dissipated in two huge oceans, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, the Greek islands are anything but difficult to access by ship or plane.

This is a guide with the best Most Popular Holiday Destinations in Greece islands, positioned by ubiquity. This positioning depends on our information as a movement manage and not on the official information and insights of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.


The capital of Greece, Athens is acclaimed for its long history and the astonishing touring. An excursion to Greece isn’t finished without a visit to Athens. The best spot for strolling, as all sightseeings are found in close separation to one another, Athens is likewise a transportation center point to the Greek islands.


40min from Athens

5-8hrs from Athens

The best island in Greece and habitually included among the most sentimental goals on the planet, Santorini is visited by a large number of travelers each mid year. You will get dazzled by the lofty caldera and the astounding dusk. Try not to miss an outing to the fountain of liquid magma, whose top can be seen from any spot of the caldera. For swimming, head toward the southern side of Santorini, where most sea shore resorts can be found.



40min from Athens

3-5hrs from Athens

Well known everywhere throughout the world for the fascinating sea shores and the insane nightlife, Mykonos is the second best island of Greece, after Santorini. In the day, unwind under the sweltering Greek sun and move in the sea shore bars of Paradise and Super Paradise. In the nighttimes, head to Mykonos Town and see the dusk from Little Venice, stroll around the tight boulevards and have a fabulous time in the throughout the night bars.