Celebrate a 30th Birthday in New York

30th birthday New York party ideas


Insa is a perfect Korean barbecue location in Gowanus that is best for groups. And right now, you are probably thinking if just it had karaoke too. But guess what? It does it does have karaoke. So, you can either sit at a huge table and grill meats with all your friends or rent out a room and sing all the songs you loved in a high school when thirty seemed a million years away. Option 3: do both.


The view from Westlight makes the view of the Wythe hotel top look like garage. Westlight is the bar at the top of a different Williamsburghotel, and it is quite much sealed the fate of Williamsburg as the next Manhattan. It is pretty fancy and a pretty exclusive, but it is still best location to celebrate something that is just going to happen once. The drinks and food are pretty best, and it is top place to stare off into the distance let thirty years sink in. Bring the team of NYC strippers to dance for all your guests anywhere in the city. This is the ultimate show.

Three brewing

Maybe you are thinking about having this Manhattan party. Would that be more perfect for people? But there is just more area in Brooklyn. There is so much area, actually, that you can build a brewery, link a bar, and throw on a backyard. And that is actually what you will find at Threes Brewing. They even have a few private rooms and the outside place is best for a group hang in the hot months. If your birthdays in the winter, anyway, there are lots of room indoors. These brewing also has some food and it is pretty more grown up than your average bar.

The ten bells

The Ten bells is a lower east side wine bar that has been in the region for a while. But just like you, it is just getting excellent with age. Besides the big selection of wine, they also have a pretty huge food menu that runs the gamut from cheese and charcuterie to foie gras terrine to grilled octopus. Everything is shareable, nothing too costly, and the menu makes for a pretty right pass-and-share condition if you have a huge group with you. And if you have a truly huge group, they also have a couple huge private rooms you can rent.


You can eat dinner or brunch here, but Sisters is also big enough to host a larger drinking-focusing party, and there is a perfect bar area in back that is a pretty more relaxed.