China and Taiwan clash over Wikipedia edits

Thursday’s judgment says three matters :

If an EU state finds a post prohibited in its own courts, it may dictate sites and programs to take down indistinguishable copies of this article.

Programs can be Google News to carry down”equal” variations of an illegal article, if the material conveyed is”basically unchanged”Platforms could be arranged to shoot down illegal posts globally, if There’s a relevant Global legislation or treaty

Facebook is not able to appeal against this judgment.

“If there is a court order to state that somebody’s been defamed, subsequently Facebook must additionally search for different variants of this,” Prof Steve Peers, in the University of Essex, told BBC News.

Before, the social media had needed users to identify every case of a pole they desired to be removed until the company could handle them. But because a few of its pages are all members-only, the sufferer may be unable to get all of them.

The onus will be on Facebook to locate them,” Mr Schrems proposed.

Facebook has said states would need to”set out quite clear definitions about what’indistinguishable’ and’equal’ means in practice”.It said the ruling”undermines the longstanding principle that one nation doesn’t have the right to enforce its laws on language on a different nation”.

However, platforms may be forced to take down articles globally within the framework of applicable international laws just.”There is no harmonised defamation law globally,” explained Prof Peers.”Facebook could say we can not do so to the usa, since even though it infringes Austrian legislation, it does not infringe US law”

Request Google or Siri:”What’s Taiwan?”

For questions of truth, many search engines, electronic assistants and mobiles all point to a single location: Wikipedia. And Wikipedia had abruptly changed.The edit has been reversed, but shortly made again. And again.