From Microsoft to Open Source

For the whole 15 year tenure as an Information Technology professional, I have always depended on and utilized nearly nothing except for Microsoft products. Through time I have held several Microsoft certificates, been to many Microsoft conventions, and have reliable in the goods supplied by Microsoft.More info

There appears to be a good deal of validity at the term,”You get what you pay for”, but what happens if you don’t get everything you paid for? I’ve always been pretty closed minded when it comes to executing anything besides Microsoft technology at work. I mean, it is what I learned, have researched and employed for over 15 decades. Would I investigate any other choices?

While I do apply many Microsoft technologies at work, there are numerous different areas that I search for answers to the requirements of the small business. You see, we’re a live, on demand television and film provider that flows hundreds of stations to your tv, smart mobile, tabletcomputer, or notebook computer throughout the world wide web. Video on a bubble.

While the workers at our firm have various functions and duties, it frequently sends me from the Microsoft kingdom and to the domain of open source alternatives. I was reluctant to implement anything which has been considered open source. Don’t you get exactly what you pay for in this business? In that case, then why can I apply solutions and software which are free? Initially, this looked like a dreadful idea, but the proverbial light bulb came on.

The programmers of those open source software are similar to me. They discovered that if they require a start concept of a bit of software that’s already in production, and collaborate with other business professionals, that jointly they can develop something like this item. Not only have they created they’ve developed products which are free and much better.

I’d love to talk with you some of those open source technology I have employed, executed, and eventually become a major fan of. There are a number of alternatives available for open source alternatives that are different. Keep your mind open when planning your large job out, and see whether one of these solutions can aid you.