Meet the former prosecutor asked to investigate bitcoin who became the face of crypto VC investing

Seven decades back, bitcoin proved to be a foreign language into national prosecutor Katie Haun. That changed when her boss in the U.S. lawyer’s office requested her to explore shutting down it.

What is now the most frequently used News has been a market payment system used at the depths of the world wide web, in most cases used to purchase illegal products on markets that are black. However, Haun immediately decided the money itself was not what wanted probing.

“It might have been comparable to saying’let us go prosecute money,””’ Haun said.Rather, her section resisted multiple instances where bitcoin has been employed for extortion and white collar crime. Sometimes, the technology supporting bitcoin, called blockchain, really assisted the division solve instances.

Haun conducts the $350 million cryptocurrency finance that started last summer and has been an early portion of Facebook’s libra launching, making her among the most recognizable investors at the area.Haun spent her early years overseas due to her parents’ tasks in a Fortune 500 firm, along with her adolescent years in Cairo, Egypt.

She even got her break in a southern Virginia district directly outside of D.C. called the”rocket docket” for its large volume of cases, and also just how quickly they go from analysis to trial. She watched everything from global drug cartel to national safety instances come across her desk. Among these very first trials was a guy smuggling firearms on planes in and outside of D.C. in Reagan National.

Haun was sent on mission to the Justice Department headquarters, operating in a newly established group known as the National Security Division, that was created from post- 9/11 legislation.

“At the time, California was in the middle of a lot of things.

Haun prosecuted Nuestra Familia, among the greatest prison gangs, in addition to the Hells Angels, along with also the”Mongols” motorcycle gang.