Turning Of Underground to Effective Basement

If you are planning to convert your basement then you are in the right place. I will share with you some tips on how to keep your desert, wilderness places for an effective use.

The tips I am about to share are bellow which will definitely help you.

1: Conversion of cellar

You can move your existing basement into useful rooms without having to finish your garden so you can expand your home as well. After enabling your dessert space to be used, you can use that space for multiple purposes, For example you can create an office, build your study room, make a playroom for children, home cinema and so on,

2: Advantages of having basement conversion

One of the benefits of moving the basement of your home into useful room. And the other is that your property values go up and your home looks attractive. One more thing if you make a playroom for your children, they will happy.

3: Can I convert a Basement myself?

This is the most common question arise is that, can I convert basement myself and the answer will be yes you can. It will be easy if you are professional and it depends on your qualities and skills and the nature of the work.

4: Can I convert a Basement myself?

For what I will use basement conversion, the answer is that you can use it for various purposes. You know better about yourself, how to inspire and which thing is inspiring you.

Home Gym

Home Office

Games Room

Entertainment/media room


Home recording studio



Shower room


5: Before conversion permission needs or not

You have to visit your nearest local authority and check planning permission is required or not for the basement conversion. If you hire a specialist contractor for the basement conversion London, he/she will be responsible for the design/planning of basement in some cases, permission planning is not needed when converting an existing basement or cellar.


6: In basement, fire safety

There should also be a fire prevention system in the basement. Requirement for fire escapes in basements particularly. You need some important regulation for the safety of yourself from fire or from anything. There should be an external door and window, a protected stairway leading from the basement to a final exit.

7: Party,Walls

If your door or wall is adjoin with another property which owned another person. You have to contact with them and take permission for the planning of basement conversion. If a Party Wall Agreement is required it will cost £700 per neighbor.

8: Waterproofing basement

Basement requires waterproofing system. If you avoid these regulation that will be harmful for yourself and for your basement. You have to make plan for the protection of yourself and for your building. Basement requires an understanding of the different waterproofing systems and how they work together. There are some ways for basement waterproofing, External waterproofing, Tanking, Cavity Drain Membranes.

9: Before You Get Started

When you are ready for basement conversion then you have to follow some below instructions.

Remove everything from basement

Clean your basement

You have to fill in holes or dents before carrying out any basement waterproofing.